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Do you ever feel defeated in your rush to be the first, the fastest and the fittest? Well I believe in being fit, but I want to get there holistically – in a way that will stick. Intune’s approach is to tap into the ancient wisdom that made the human race strong and apply it to our modern lifestyle. Taking the best from the East and the West, I’ve created a sustainable exercise routine that’s good for the body and the soul.


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Holistic exercise books for everyday practice

If you love body, mind, and soul connection and want to practice holistic exercises, then these two books are for you.

You will find over 90 exercises of the four major training types and various sequences you can follow. If you love ancient wisdom, you’ll discover chakra work that kicks in and gives you results if you take your practice seriously. So give it a try and be inspired by the unique design and content.

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Buy your your sport & spirit manual for just $ 1

In this Sport & Spirit manual, you’ll find thirty pages explaining the ancient wisdom about the connection between body, mind, and soul. This knowledge can help you to activate the powerful energy flow within you, which is directly accessible through holistic exercises.

Purchase this beautifully designed manual with many graphics and easy-to-understand illustrations about ancient wisdom for modern times. Download this book for just $1.

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Intune books

The Intune Exercise Manual has 130 informative pages with images and instructions to 96 exercises. It also offers a range of sequences and routines to inspire your holistic workout.

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In 21 Days Holistic Challenge (140 pages), you will find four training challenges, each designed for five days of exercise and tuning into your body, energy, mind, and soul.

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