8 exercises to activate the crown chakra

8 exercises to activate the crown chakra

The doorway to heaven

Have you ever asked yourself how to connect to God-like energy? Or how you can reach out to heaven and the comforting feeling that all is good. You have been down this road and maybe didn’t have the tools to make the connection. Or you didn’t find the right meditation or yoga practice. But there is a good chance you are here because you need to know how to activate the crown chakra.

The crown chakra

This chakra is the energy point with the highest frequency. It is located on top of our head and vibrates in the color of light purple. When the crown chakra is blocked, we feel dull and trapped, and without purpose. The negative outlet would be drug and alcohol abuse or go into a deep depression.

But there is also the possibility of tuning into higher realms’ energy and our higher self through meditation and yoga techniques. It is a process of continuous practice. It takes about three months, like any other training, to feel a change towards more peace, harmony, and purpose.

How to tune into the crown chakra

There are many ways to tune into this energy point. First of all, acknowledge the fact that this energy point is full of life and awareness. You can benefit from this energy immensely if you follow a few steps and rules:

  • visualize it
  • recognize it
  • feel it
  • communicate with it
  • love it
  • pray with it
  • tune into it
  • work with it
  • activate it

Start to visualize a light purple subtle ball on top of your head. Think that it is an entry point where energy flows into your head, body, and the energy field around you. Make sure you acknowledge and feel this entry point. When the connection is established, you can concentrate on your workout.

Chakra energy flow

Feet to sky & Upside down spine stretch

Two exercises to activate the crown chakra

Upside down shoulder stretch &
Head on the ground bend

Two exercises to activate the crown chakra

praying & Insight

In awe & One with all

The world here and beyond

The crown chakra is the opposite of the base chakra. The base chakra keeps us grounded in reality and active in our daily lives. The crown chakra is the connection to our spiritual self and important for the feeling of compassion and union with the world beyond.


  • connected to your higher self
  • feeling of peace
  • being in the moment
  • higher awareness
  • liberated

Yoga and meditation practice can help you in the process of activating the crown chakra.

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