8 exercises to activate the throat chakra

8 exercises to activate the throat chakra

Open to truth and creativity

Believing in the truth is genuine. It is like washing away all the darkness of lies, hidden agendas, and distrust. Life feels good when we stand for what we believe and walk our talk. It doesn’t matter if others have the same opinions or the same ideas, it is ourselves that matters. A lot of physical dysfunctioning can result from a lack of honesty and negative beliefs in what should be done and not. If you know how to activate the throat chakra the benefits can be immense.

The throat chakra

This chakra is located on your neck area, between the two collarbones. The resonating color is sky blue. It stands for creativity, communication, and the truth. This chakra is very sensitive to our self-talk and how we communicate. A negative manifestation could be lying, gossiping, excessive food, smoking, negative self-talk, and not expressed creativity.

How to tune into the throat chakra

There are some ways to tune into this energy point. First of all, acknowledge the fact that this energy point is your consciousness and your belief system. You can benefit from this energy immensely if you follow a few steps and rules:

  • visualize it
  • recognize it
  • communicate with it
  • feel it
  • love it
  • tune into it
  • work with it
  • activate it

Start to visualize a sky blue subtle ball on your throat. Think that it is an entry point where energy flows into your body, and the energy field around you. Make sure you acknowledge and feel this entry point. When the connection is established you can concentrate on your workout.

8 exercises to activate the throat chakra

Exercises that will activate your Throat chakra

The most effective exercises to activate the throat chakra are flexibility and relaxation techniques. Start with flexibility, like neck twists and side bends (to give you some ideas). Then continue with relaxation exercises like throat openers and neck relaxation.

Side twist neck & Side bend 

8 exercises to activate the throat chakra

Neck stretch & Spine stretch

8 exercises to activate the throat chakra

Awakening & Listening to self

8 exercises to activate the throat chakra

Going deep inside & Feeling blue

8 exercises to activate the throat chakra

communication is everything

This is what we do all the time, with ourselves, others, and the world around us. If this is open, positive communication, it will fall back on us in ways we can’t imagine now.


  • connected to your truth
  • positive communication
  • open-minded
  • creative flow
  • feeling of uniqueness

Yoga and meditation practice can help you in the process on how to activate the throat chakra?

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