Bonjour – a road trip

Bonjour – a road trip

Pays du basque, here we come!

This year I wanted to try a road trip with a camper. I’ve never tried this before and it seemed to be a good idea to travel like this during October when you never know how the weather is going to be. My husband and I said goodbye to India and off we went on a road trip through France for four weeks. We looked forward to nature, clean air and nearly no traffic compared to New Delhi.

Four goals were on my mind:

1. to stay fit and do my workout every morning
2. to write a blog every week or so
3. not to fight with my husband
4. avoid staying in hotels

luxury is just a perception

Driving through marvelous landscapes, visiting historic villages and eating excellent cheese and bread, the trip seemed like a dream. The sun was shining and the camper waited every evening with a real bed and a big blanket. I call this luxury, after my camping history in tents with thin mats and sleeping bags. When the weather turned to rain, we could not resist the temptation of a comfortable hotel. If you want to have a bad mood, stay on a wet camping site and you have what you wished for.

Every morning a workout

My workouts in the morning were mind-blowing. I ran through lush grasslands and hills with healthy cattle and goats. Whenever I spotted a beautiful spot, I did my yoga or strength exercises and lost myself in the moment. Sometimes I passed through villages with old graceful churches. Each time I passed one, I went in to say a short prayer of gratitude and to bask in the authenticity of a deep-felt belief in god.

I did not miss one day of my workout. Even when I felt a bit stiff in the morning after climbing out of the camper, or hotel bed.

three goals I did not meet:

1. I didn’t manage to write a blog every week. Sorry!
2. My husband and I had a few controversial discussions. Why not!
3. We stayed in Hotels nearly half of the time. I loved it!

Anyway, I had a great time and a road trip was a good choice.

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