Seeds of life

Seeds of life

Superfoods are big

Well, superfoods are big these days. New food trends are all over the place, and the products are promising to do magic and are packed with nutrients.
I am hesitant and skeptical about new food choices and especially with hypes and trends in general. It often sounds more like marketing than realistically better options. I like to stick to the food, which is good for me. But what about a chia seeds smoothie?

Ok, ok, let’s be open

My husband prepares a glass of milk with chia seeds every day, lets it soak overnight, and drinks it in the morning. I tried to ignore his ritual and stay away from the superfoods hype until the packet was empty, and I bought a new one for him. Well, I thought, let’s read the text on the back of the pack and see what nutrients chia seeds actually provide. I was surprised about the dense amount of substantial power which are alive in chia seeds. Maybe the hype is justified, and chia is a superfood.

Chia seeds smoothie
Chia seeds

Plant-based proteins

The protein amount in just 30 grams of chia seeds is very high compared to the calorie intake. And for me, as a vegetarian, sources of plant-based proteins are always good. Instead of cow milk, I find almond milk a good option to give the smoothie a nuttier taste and because the plant-based protein amount is high in almond milk.

Chia seeds smoothie

For 2 cups you will need:

2 tablespoon chia seeds
0.4-liter almond milk
1 small banana

Soak the chia seeds for a couple of hours in almond milk. Put the banana in a blender together with the milk and the chia seeds. Blend it, and presto drink it. This drink is a healthy drink and really good for people who do a lot of sport and prefer a veg or vegan diet.

I think I will stick to this chia seeds super smoothie and will be more open in the future in terms of “superfood.”

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