How to develop a holistic exercise routine

How to develop a holistic exercise routine

Developing an exercise routine
in four parts

Now it’s time to give you some clues on developing an optimal holistic exercise routine, which means including all four major training types and the chakra system, highlighted by the colored dots on the images, into your workout. This will have an impact on how you think, feel, and look. I like to keep it simple and easy to follow to establish a routine that makes you feel good.

develop an optimal holistic exercise routine

Start with breathing and sweating

01. cardio training / Activator/ Element fire

The cardio session is the first part. With this training, your body charges up with energy. You’re also working your heart and lungs, which is the best you can do for your overall stamina and fitness.

The four exercises

Do four different exercises in the cardio part. One for the lower body, two for the mid-section and one for the chest. Below are four examples you can follow. But you can do other similar exercises as well. The time should be 15 minutes in total. Less than that your heart rate won’t go up much and you won’t get real results. To activate the chakras focus on the body parts you are moving. This is the lower body, pelvis, stomach, and chest.

This is a short exercise sequence of four cardio exercises.

Continue with building strength

02. strength training / stabilizer / element earth

The second part is strength training, which is vital because it strengthens the muscles and bones. This makes you feel stronger, fitter and more capable of being active. You will activate four different chakras with these exercises. You can see them in the images below.

The four exercises

You can see in my examples four different exercises. Do one for your lower body, one for your abdomen, one for your upper stomach and one for your upper body. Start with the lower body exercise of your choice, like squats or other leg work. The second exercise should be for your lower abdominal muscles. The third exercise is for the upper stomach and at the end do arm, shoulder and chest work. Repeat all four exercises 10 times. The four chakras you’re activating are highlighted in the images below.

This is a short exercise sequence of four strength exercises.

Now it is time for mobility

03. flexibility training / Mobilizer / element air

In the third part, you’re working on your mobility. Mobility and flexibility training are essential for the joints, tendons and the nervous system. Through continued training, all parts of your body will become well connected and movements, like bending and twisting, will feel natural.

The four exercises

The four exercises I am suggesting are targeting different functions of the body. These are stretching, bending, balance and reverse poses. You can see my suggestions in the images below. The first exercise is a shoulder stretch, the second is bending and the third exercise is a balance pose. Finish up with a reverse holding exercise. Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Then repeat them all. The four chakras you’re activating are highlighted in the images below.

This is a short exercise sequence of four flexibility exercises.

Finish up with letting go

04. relaxation training / harmonizer / element water

Last but not least is relaxation. This is mostly overlooked in the West because people think they’re getting nothing out of it. But in Eastern traditions, it is a crucial element. Relaxation targets our endocrine system. That means our hormones, which are distributed throughout our body, will be balanced, in particular, the stress hormone adrenaline is reduced. That means you stay calmer in stressful situations.

The four exercises

Like in the other three parts we also have four exercises. Start by choosing two standing and two floor exercises. You can get inspired by Qui gong, Tai chi or Yoga. Also, try to create your own movements and postures. In the first two movements, the focus is on the chest and throat as it’s important to them. The second and third exercises are on the floor and the focus is between the eyebrow and on top of the head. Try to free your mind of thoughts. The body parts you’re focusing on are also the chakras you’re activating.

This is a short exercise sequence of four relaxation exercises.

I hope this helps you to develop an optimal holistic exercise routine.

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