The secrets of Sport & Spirit

The secrets of Sport & Spirit

My holistic exercise program Intune

Hi, my name is Theresia Eggers and I am the founder of the Intune holistic exercise program. I developed this program over the last 15 years out of my passion for exercise, spirituality and my curiosity about why exercise is so good for us. I wanted to know more about the power of exercise and what it does for us on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Happier through exercise

As a fitness trainer, I observed how people’s energy changes when they do sport or exercise. They’re happier, they laugh more, and seem to be more balanced (me included). I also realized that people’s attitude is different depending on what kind of exercise they do. People doing a lot of cardio exercises seem to be more outgoing, energetic, and confident. Those who prefer strength training seem to be more self-contained, secure, and strong within. People doing yoga or gymnastics seem to have a strong focus and a stable mind. I also included meditation and relaxation training into my research and found that this group is more gentle, has a softer attitude, and would not get angry very easily. That’s when I thought – the best approach is to do all four of these! A holistic, in-tune approach. And voila! The Intune holistic exercise program was born.

holistic exercise program

The benefits of ancient wisdom

I like to focus on what is happening on the spiritual, emotional, mental, and energetic levels when we exercise. While I was doing my research, I also embraced the ancient wisdom of many cultures and traditions. I discovered the principles of the four elements of life, which are deeply rooted in astrology, along with the knowledge of the seven chakras from ancient India. I also found the subtle bodies, called an aura, were part of many ancient traditions worldwide.

All these systems are energy transformers and form part of our subtle energy system, which is our spiritual self. I realized that our physical body is deeply connected to our spiritual self and that any form of exercise is a way to keep in touch and direct our spiritual self towards health and wellbeing.

Physical training is the key – but not the only key

So exercise makes us happier, we feel and look better. It may sound like a miracle cure – and it is! – but it also requires hard work, discipline, and perseverance. The benefits, though, are worth every training hour. People who already exercise know what I’m talking about. Those of you who don’t exercise know it too because it is all over our media. But one type of exercise alone is not enough. To be really truly healthy and happy, you need to follow a holistic approach. My Intune holistic exercise program and blog will not only give exercise routines and ideas but also deeper knowledge about the body, mind, and soul that you might not have heard before.

Stay tuned…

For more information on the subtle energy field called aura, read more on this beautiful: website.

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