Why is physical exercise spiritual practice?

Why is physical exercise spiritual practice?

Welcome to new beliefs

In the past decades, it was taught that physical exercise solely benefits our body and mind. If you want to do an exercise regime that includes spiritual practice and awareness, yoga is the only option. It feels unreal that wonderful and effective training types like cardio and strength workouts should stay in the cold niche of the fitness culture and never see the light of spiritual practice.

The connectedness of body,
mind, soul & spirit

Physical exercise is a fundamental tool to train the body, mind, soul, and spirit. There is no other form that is so holistic and reaches so many layers of the human body and energy field. No wonder why people who train feel much happier and are much healthier than the others. And this is not just because the heart rate goes up and/or the muscles are supplied with blood. This is just the end of the chain. The energy work (spiritual practice) starts on a whole different level.

Why is physical exercise spiritual practice?

What is spiritual practice?

Let’s define the phrase ‘spiritual practice’ first. What is spiritual practice? It is the knowledge that our bodies’ actions, the thoughts of our mind, and the feelings of our soul are reflected in our lives. That means everything you do, think, or feel will have an outcome in one way or another.

Exercise is a statement of health and wellbeing. Our body needs and craves it. Let’s understand our body as a perfect tool that needs to be maintained, like everything in life, spiritual practice action.

The right mindset

  • The knowledge of the connectedness of body, mind & soul brings eventually spiritual awareness and practice.
  • It doesn’t really matter if you walk, run, lift weights, do classes, yoga, pilates or aerobics, etc.
  • As long as you move with a mindset that this serves your whole being in the best way possible and that exercise is ‘spiritual practice’ in the best form.

I am a spiritual being in a physical body having life experiences on earth.