Holistic exercises against depression

Holistic exercises against depression

Is everybody depressed?

Everybody wants to be happy, but we cannot experience happiness without sadness. Depression is part of the natural state of being human. We shouldn’t be afraid or pretend not to be depressed sometimes. Every human suffers from depression on different levels. Many people call it sadness, melancholia, or feeling down. Sadly that there is no acceptance in our society that depression is part of human life.

there is no light without darkness


We live in a world of polarities, and we understand certain feelings only when we can experience the opposite.

I think we came into this world to experience darkness and to grow and get better humans. We hate this feeling so much that we do everything to avoid or change it.

What is the cause?

The main cause of depression is not feeling good enough. Every human carries this feeling inside. Some are aware of it. Others deny it. The degrees of not feeling good enough vary enormously. It depends on how we grew up, how much love we received, and how much we were supported.

The areas in which people feel not good enough vary from person to person. Some never feel loved in their relationships, hate their physical appearance, or take their fear into their work life. Many different reasons, but one cause:

Feeling of not being good enough.

The belief system - negative

What can we do?

Besides non–natural ways (anti-depressive), or psychotherapy, exercise is an option that can improve depression enormously. It should accompany every therapy anyway.

Why is exercise so helpful?

Our belief system, which means what we think and feel about ourselves, is imprinted in every single part of our physical and subtle bodies. When we move, we change our physical composition, and our bodies can refresh the information of the stored memory and even delete this information.

Moving is just a tool that refreshes energy in the physical body and the subtle energy field. If we don’t move, the energy stays stagnant, and the same thought patterns and emotions go around and around.

That’s why it goes so well together with psychotherapy or positive mental work. It helps to put the new foundation into place so that the body, mind, and soul can save the new, positive information.

The positive belief system

What kind of movement is good for you?

Try various training types like cardio and strength exercises and Asian exercises like yoga or qi gong. If that feels too lonely, then try a team sport. But avoid competition of any kind. Do it solely to move and to change your physical and spiritual composition.

Holistic exercises against depression