MSG & friends

MSG & friends

Food can be poison

Harmful ingredients like food chemicals and preservatives are part of the food and can cause serious problems to sensitive people.

Last week I was contemplating on food. Food is a huge topic and very important for us. Actually, our lives circle around food, like preparing meals, shopping for groceries, and going out in a restaurant. But because food is so easy to get these days, we forget easily why it’s there and how we should use it. It is not just about the taste and if it’s yummy or not.

Food is pure fuel for our bodies to function and to stay alive. Through food advertisements and supermarkets’ huge variety, we are brainwashed with harmful and even toxic products. Many of them are useless and can stay on the shelves if you ask me.

Symptoms of food chemical sensitivity

Symptoms of food chemical sensitivity

Many years I was not aware why I was feeling often so sick after eating,
I just couldn’t put a finger on it. Then in my education as a fitness trainer,
we learned about food chemicals in processed food.

We learned to keep an eye on the labels on the back and always check the ingredients’ list. If the list is long, you know there are many things you don’t want in your body. It still happens when I go to a restaurant, and they add MSG without my knowing. The following day is sheer horror with cramps and migraines. Not good!

Food is fuel

If you understand that food is fuel for the body, mind, and spirit, eating becomes another dimension. Still, don’t get it? Ok, here you go; if you fill diesel fuel into your Mercedes Benz limousine, your car won’t like it at all and will choke, fume, and just stand still after some meters of driving. I think your car prefers pure E10 fuel and your body, not exactly that, but also pure stuff.

Pure & simple is the best

If you want to stay on the safe side, eat pure, unprocessed food. It can be raw, cooked, baked, or even purchased, as long it has no long artificial ingredients list. It is amazing what difference it makes to eat pure and simple, and it creates clarity and an authentic feeling at the same time.

Pure, unprocessed food

Fazit: Food chemicals and preservatives are a no go!

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