The four essential training types

The four essential training types

The four training types and why
they are good for us!

What does holistic mean? That the many parts of a system are working together as a whole. Our body is an excellent example. When we are healthy our body works so harmoniously that we forget there are different systems in our body. Well, in sports there are different training types to take care of our body’s different systems. The four essential training types are cardio, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Each one of these relates to a different system of the body.

The four essential training types

Vitality is the key to happiness

Cardio training causes the heart, lungs and circulatory system to work harder. It increases the circulation of blood and nutrients to the heart and muscles. In doing so it increases the capacity of the heart and lungs, as well as improves metabolism. Regular cardiorespiratory exercise can help you lose weight, reduce stress, decrease fatigue and live a more active life.

The body wants to be strong

Strength training improves your ability to perform the daily activities of life. It helps you work harder and longer. It also reduces chronic pain. For example, you can avoid or reduce back pain by building up the right muscles in the right places. Strength training is necessary to prevent and control osteoporosis, bone loss and keep lean muscle mass as you age. It will also help you to stay slim and strong.

Mobility is an anti-aging tool

Flexibility improves the mobility of your joints and tendons, while also correcting bad posture. Another part of the body that relies on flexibility training is the nervous system, which is embedded in the connective tissue. Through lengthening and stretching the connective tissue, the nerve impulses can freely send their messages throughout the body.

Stress relief is not just a phrase

Relaxation training is often overlooked, but it’s the most essential part of any training. Everyday pressure and long-term stress can impact your nervous and glandular systems, exhaust your energy, weaken your immunity and could even lead to feeling “burnt out”. Practicing relaxation and meditation regularly will lift your mental and emotional thresholds.

With one hour of training every day you can get all these huge benefits. So say yes to the four essential training types!

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