5 days to unleash your potential

5 days to unleash your potential

Four training types – four approaches

Let me introduce to you holistic fitness to unleash your potential; five days intune training program. They are a holistic body, mind, and soul approach to exercise and touch your heart and soul. Each booklet covers one specific training type with 24 different exercises. All exercises activate certain chakras, which will reveal the very best qualities within you.

Each of the colorful, well-designed booklets contains a positive affirmation from the intune energy card deck. This will give your workout purpose and direction and connect the mind to the heart.

East meets west

The training types you are working with are a blend of eastern and western methods. All four training types complement each other and build a construct on their own to give you the best of each method. The eastern methods are of soft and contemplating nature. They have a calming and mindful character. The western training types are straightforward, physical, and of competitive nature.

Western approach

  • Activator – Cardio – Active
  • Stabilizer – Strength – Strong
Five days to unleash your potential
Five days to unleash your potential

Eastern approach

  • Mobilizer – Flexibility – Focused
  • Harmonizer – Relaxation – Relaxed
Five days to unleash your potential
Five days to unleash your potential

Each of the five-day workouts is designed for different results, and the aim is to get into the rhythm of an everyday exercise routine, which eventually will give you the results. The average training time is 50 min, including contemplation on a motivational affirmation, physical exercise, and a healthy smoothie preparation.

No workout without the chakras

The seven chakras are a huge factor in the intune workout programs. Because the chakras are your consciousness and the connection between body, mind, and soul. Every exercise in the five-day workout sequence is dedicated to a specific chakra and its positive qualities. Without integrating the chakras, the program would have just half of its depth and the desired results.

the power of chakras

Results and benefits

Like with all body, mind, and soul regimes, the results are of physical and spiritual nature. Health and well-being, but also a balanced mental outlook are just a few of the desired benefits.

Holistic fitness


Holistic Fitness – unleash your potential is a five-day program to feel good about and within yourself through physical training, a conscious effort, and mental focus.