8 exercises to activate the base chakra

8 exercises to activate the base chakra

Truly an amazing tool

My holistic exercise approach is based on the energy of the seven chakras.
I feel them, and I know what I have to do to activate them. Every day I try to focus on exercises that activate different chakras to keep myself in harmony and balance. The base chakra is the starting point of every cardio and  resistance workout routine.

The location of this subtle energy entry point is on the end of your spine, between your legs. The color of this chakra is a vibrant red. It is easy to feel the energy once you activated it. The benefit is immediate.

How to tune into the base chakra

First, I like you to know that the base chakra is real. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it is an illusion. The more you nurture and communicate with it, the more you will benefit from the outcomes.

  • visualize it
  • recognize it
  • feel it
  • work with it
  • communicate with it
  • activate it
  • love it

Start to visualize a red subtle ball between your legs at the end of your spine. Think that it is an entry point where energy flows into your body and the energy field around you. Make sure you acknowledge and feel this entry point. When the connection is established you can concentrate on your workout.

8 exercises to activate the base chakra

Exercises which will activate your base chakra

The most powerful exercises to activate the base chakra are cardio and strength exercises. Start with cardio; like running, brisk walking, or skipping (just to give you some ideas). Then you can continue with strength exercises like squats and lunges.

marching & leg curl

8 exercises to activate the base chakra

running & jumping

8 exercises to activate the base chakra

squats & side leg lift

8 exercises to activate the base chakra

lunges & dog squats

8 exercises to activate the base chakra

Real and tangible

Besides real good fitness, strength, muscle tone, and vital appearance, you will also develop qualities within. They help you adjust to everyday life, stay down to earth, and welcome the reality you live in.


  • vital appearance
  • active life approach
  • down to earth
  • inner strength

Follow your own awareness and listen to the grounding energy of the
base chakra.

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