CFS and stress

CFS and stress

Emotional stress

The question is how to deal with Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Stress is the actual cause of CFS, never mind the cause of many other illnesses. In CFS, the body’s nervous and endocrine systems are out of balance because of extreme inner and outer tension. The body then no longer has any defense mechanisms and reacts with loss of energy, body pain, and depression. Emotional stress, whether a trauma or negative self-talk, is the most damaging for people with CFS.

Thoughts like this, for example:

Thought pattern of chronic fatigue

If this takes place over a long period of time the stress builds up. Even worse is the tumble-weed effect – people who are caught in a bad experience tend to repeat situations and life choices that mirror their root cause of stress. That is when the endocrine and nervous systems get severely out of balance and the whole body shuts down.

Stress through circumstances

Our social and work life can also trigger the same damaging stress symptoms, for example:

The negative belief system

The science of the master gland

Here’s the science behind the hypothalamus, which links the endocrine to the nervous systems. When it receives signals from the nervous system, the hypothalamus secretes neurohormones to the pituitary gland, known as the master gland. Then chemicals are released that are vital for your immune system, metabolism, growth, mineral balance, and your body’s response to stress. In other words, the endocrine system secretes hormones into the blood and other bodily fluids IF the nervous system gives the right signals. But under stress, the nervous system gives harmful signals that result in a hormonal imbalance, which can have a debilitating effect.

Meditation and therapy

Therapy is a good way of releasing traumatic experiences and freeing yourself from a negative belief system. Meditation, on the other hand, is necessary to calm down the mind and train the glands to deal with stress. It produces body-supporting hormones. Together therapy and meditation will get you on the path how to deal with Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Different kind of therapies are:

Therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome

Change of circumstances

Since stress is the actual cause of CFS and since your circumstance is usually the cause of stress, try to change your situation if possible. It isn’t always easy, but sometimes just addressing what you would like to change if you could, can be an eye-opener for what is really going wrong in your life.

Fazit, as we Germans say: avoid stress!

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