Humble me

Humble me

Two saints

The apple and pear are the saints in the fruits’ realm: they are humble and down to earth. September is the season for them in many countries, including my native home, Germany, so it’s a good time to make an apple and pear smoothie. The reliable trees have been around since time immemorial. Many people have happy childhood memories picking apples and pears off trees or tasting the yummy apple or pear cakes their mother or grandma used to make. I sure do. Sometimes the trees would be fruitful; we don’t even know what to do with all the fruit.

In the old days, apples were ubiquitous and super popular because they could be stored overwinter in a cool cellar. But times have changed, and now we can get everything in every season. In supermarkets, the good old apple and pear sometimes look lost between exotic and tropical fruits. Sometimes I feel I have to go back to my roots and honor these tasteful fruits in a humble apple and pear smoothie.

Apple and Pear smoothie

No peeling is part of the plan

When I cut the fruits, I leave the peel on. Not always, but certainly for a smoothie. The peel is what makes an apple and pear so healthy and rich in fiber and vitamins. So leave the peel on and try to buy good fruit that is not laden with chemicals.

For 2 glasses you will need:

1 apple
1 pear
Natural apple juice
If both are rather small take two of each.

Cut the fruits in small pieces, put them in a blender and fill up with the apple juice. Blend until fine and smooth. Drink this great apple and pear smoothie with respect. Cheers!

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