I am assertive

I am assertive

Your motivational energy card

” Driving action, onwards I plough,
I am here, I assert, I am now. “

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Element: Fire
Training type: Cardio
Mantra: I am assertive

Observe a jaguar in the shadow of a tree moving slowly towards its prey. No rush just dominance in every movement. When he is close enough he jumps at his victim with certainty that just a wild cat can radiate. We’re just silenced, in awe. This natural assertiveness would be good to have. No thinking beforehand, no pondering until it’s too late.

This feeling of instinct and not taking orders from others comes out of the stomach. We admire people who are like this and not every person is blessed naturally with this gift. But it is trainable, and when it resonates with you, you can get there to be an assertive person.

Engage in your motivational energy card with your mantra:
” I am assertive “

This week it is time for cardio training. The training should involve a lot of sprinting, kickboxing and running. Focus on your solar plexus chakra which is located just under your ribcage, in the middle of your upper stomach.

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