IYENGAR YOGA – precision & alignment

IYENGAR YOGA – precision  & alignment

Iyengar Yoga by Helen Weichman

This yoga style changed my life

I was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in the early 1990s, in Frankfurt, Germany.
A friend took me to a class and since then it has been a part of my life.

IYENGAR YOGA - precision  & alignment

Iyengar Yoga is a modified Hatha Yoga and a very refined and precise style of yoga. Its main characteristics are precision and alignment, sequencing, timing, and the use of props (belts, blocks, blankets, ropes, chairs, etc.). The focus is on the correct physical alignment in the postures and symmetry of the body. This is to ensure the proper functioning of all physical systems. Like the circulatory system, the nervous and endocrine system, and the vital organs. On a mental level, this yoga style teaches discipline, focus, and concentration.

IYENGAR YOGA - precision  & alignment

I was fascinated by Iyengar yoga from the very first class. Mainly because I had a great teacher, but secondly because of the structured and systematic teaching. My addiction was so strong, that I went to class five times a week. Furthermore, all my life I am suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Finally, I found a remedy to manage this condition successfully. Until today I rely on my forward bends when I feel anxious or panicked.

In 1998 I moved to Melbourne, Australia with my family. After settling in, I found an Iyengar school again. There, in 2004, I started a teacher training program and in 2006 began teaching my own students.

Every age group benefits

From my observation and experience over the past 16 years, the majority of students will stick with Iyengar Yoga. It provides structure and guidance. Also in comparison to other Yoga styles, the use of props enables everyone to practice Yoga. Regardless of their age, physical flexibility, or disabilities. Furthermore, students have the option to attend specialized therapy classes. In class, they will be provided with a tailored sequence according to their ailments.

Iyengar yoga keeps focused

For me personally, the practice of Iyengar Yoga has been invaluable. Especially at our present time with Covid 19 and many other existential threats that we are facing. I found that the various restorative sequences can give great relief.

” Yoga and its philosophy can be
a rock in the storm “

Helen Weichmann

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