I am deep

I am deep

Your motivational energy card

” I am the great oceanic depth,
I feel its vast eternity ” 

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra
Training type: Relaxation
Element: Water
Mantra: I am deep

It is time to go deep inside yourself on a profound level. Your inner self is a vast ocean – it is your unconscious mind with knowledge beyond reality and daily life. If you need answers, then turn off the noise – shut your laptop, put down your phone, turn off the music – and let the answers come slowly out of the depth of your inner self.

If you’re stressed, dive into the vastness of your inner ocean to find calm and quiet. Try it. This week is the time to do relaxation training. Using your weekly motivational card – I am deep – take 10 minutes off your workout for meditation or other relaxation techniques. Contemplate your weekly motivational mantra – I am deep. The stress will disappear.

Focus on your soul!

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