I am loving

I am loving

Your motivational energy card:

” My heart is like a tsunami of love.
Reaching far to every land. “

Chakra: Heart
Element: Water
Training type: Relaxation
Quality: I am loving

Breathe deeply in and out! Close your eyes and let all thoughts go. Your attention is on your chest and you feel the center, where your heart chakra is located, your soul. This card of the week is about self-love and sending this love out into the world. Let’s imagine our heart being a vast ocean, flowing through us and filling us with love, connecting us all. This is a wonderful exercise and it works. If you go out today imagine being connected to all people through a vast ocean of love.

This week is a time for relaxation training. Take every day 10 minutes for meditation or other relaxation techniques. repeat the mantra of your motivational energy card silently.

Om Shanti

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