I am centered

I am centered

Your Motivational Energy Card

” Centered in my body,
is the powerful place I stand. “

Chakra: Sacral
Element: Earth
Training type: Resistance
Mantra: I am centered

You can’t deny there is something about animals with horns. Their horns adorn homes, clubs, and businesses all around the world. Bulls, buffalos, rams, stags, and moose grow majestic horns from their heads. Elephants, hippos, and rhinos have horns that push out near their mouths. They all are beautiful and noble animals that symbolize strength, stamina, and a strong will. But to carry these heavy horns, there must be more than just physical strength, there must be balanced and centeredness that flourishes in the best of nature.

Think of somebody who doesn’t give up, whose strength and instincts are from within – a solid person with powerful stamina. If this feels natural to you, if you don’t feel powerful like a bull or a ram holding up their horns centered and strong, let’s work on it. With your weekly motivational card – I am centered – it can be done.

This week it is time for resistance training, especially for the core and lower back. Focus on your sacral chakra which is located just under your navel.

For a centered you, be inspired by a strong core and a healthy lower back. exercises: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/840554717930996089/?lp=true

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