I am changing

I am changing

Your motivational energy card

” From here to there and back again,
my viewpoint is free.”

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra
Element: Air
Training type: Flexibility
Mantra: I am changing

This week embrace change! Change is one of the best things to do. Change is a new beginning, a rebirth. It can be forced or self-determined, but the outcome is usually good. Changes can be big – a new home, a new job, a new partner – but also small things, like dressing differently one day or having a new opinion on something or saying what you think.

Too much of anything for too long can feel stagnant, stuck. But making the decision to change feels fresh and liberating. It is your life and your weekly motivational card – I am changing – is this week’s reminder to take the first step.

This week increase your yoga and flexibility training. Focus on your Third Eye Chakra between your eyebrows.

Om Shanti!

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