I am strong

I am strong

Your motivational energy card:

“ My foundation is right and true,
I have the strength to carry it all.”

Chakra: Base
Element: Earth
Training type: Strength
Quality: I am strong

Here, where I live, in Birmingham Uk, I see many people living on the street. Now, in the wintertime, they’re asking for money to pay for a hostel. It is cold out there and they are freezing cold. It is a nightmare for them and for me when I watch them and feel the struggle to live on the street.

Motivational Energy Card
My friend from the streets

What happened to them? Why do they live on the street? Maybe their foundation has not been strong enough established to master their lives? Whatever went wrong in the life of these people, our foundation is all we have when we start living on our own and stand on our own feet.

It is difficult to manage all

There is so much to do, physically and spiritually. We have to keep our living space in order, we have to prepare meals and go grocery shopping. Then there is work to make a living. Every day demands come out of nowhere and bills have to be paid. We have to be strong to do all of this. If our foundation is not strong our lives crumble and a big void is opening up to swallow us.

To avoid this total collapse, strength and capability can be trained step by step. It is possible to build a strong foundation at every point in life with the help of other people, organizations, and different techniques.

Go to the following websites, if you like to know more about this theme. They contain helpful information:



This week it is time for strength training. Take 20 min. every day for a good walk and strength training, especially for the lower part of the body. Regularity is important and maybe you like to set up a routine. Repeat the mantra of the motivational energy card daily.

Om Shanti!

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