I am active

I am active

Your motivational energy card

“Always active, never still,
my feet are licked with flame.”

Chakra: Base Chakra
Element: Fire
Training type: Cardio
Mantra: I am active

This is a call for action. It is not time to sit around, it’s time to get out there and do, do, do. If you are a sports person, focus on cardio training. Go for a run, have a game of tennis, join a cardio class, dance to your top ten songs – whatever aerobic exercises you like.

If exercise is still new for you then take a long but brisk walk or go for a swim. Either way, you’ll feel the buzz of achievement through action. Being active stimulates the energy within you, keeping you alight and alive. Add your own mantra to your weekly motivational card – I am active: I am dancing, I am running, I am moving, I am alight, I am alive…

Go for it!

You can find inspiring quotes on this website:http://www.wiseoldsayings.com/exercise-quotes/

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