What is holistic fitness

What is holistic fitness

My holistic fitness approach

First, I would like to define the meaning of holistic. It’s derived from the word whole and means every aspect of something, specifically when it comes to organic structures consisting of different systems. The holistic approach deals with the various systems as well as the whole structure. It never forgets that all parts are working together as a whole, and each part is important for the other parts’ functioning. Now let’s talk about holistic fitness.

holistic fitness

Feeling Intune

When I developed my program Intune 10 years ago, I didn’t think about a holistic approach or any other fancy wording. I just wanted to do something different and meaningful. I saw the guys lifting weights, the ladies doing yoga and pilates, and the athletes running. Something was missing, a spiritual note or an awareness of the power of what they were doing for themselves. People stuck mostly to one exercise regime, consisting mainly of cardio, strength, or flexibility. Relaxation exercises were not so popular.

The four elements are the foundation

So I created a holistic fitness program in which the physical workout also impacts the mental, emotional and spiritual states. I also wanted to work out the body’s major systems while activating the subtle energy system within each of us. The first thing I put in place were the four elements’ energies, which run through everything to create life on earth: fire, earth, air, and water. They are components of a unit, every part needing and complementing each other.

The four creative elements

It is all connected

These four major training principles are archetypes in the world of exercise and are working on the major systems of your body; the cardiovascular, the muscular skeleton, the nervous, and the endocrine system. These four major training principles are directly linked to cardio, strength, flexibility, and relaxation – the pillars of good physical health.

The four training Types

When we embrace them all then our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health improves. How effective your exercise regime depends on the conscious effort you put in. But simply being aware of the positive effects of your exercises can double the outcomes. If you mindfully do your exercises with love, effort, and awareness, you can have the same successful, holistic fitness approach I discovered for myself.

Om Shanti!

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