Never give up on exercise

Never give up on exercise

You are not alone

We all think now and then to give up on our exercise plan because it is too time-consuming, challenging, or goes nowhere. But deep inside, we know that it is precisely the right thing to do and that it gets us much further than many other things. Why is it so difficult to exercise regularly? We all know that it is good for us to exercise and that we stay healthier and feel much better.

Many people have a strict workout plan in place. If you look at their lives, it seems that many things go right. They laugh a lot more, they look younger and they’re well organized. Also, these people feel sometimes that they want to stay at home rather than go for a run. But they do it, and afterward, the whole mindset is back on action and positive thinking.

Never give up on exercise

The ‘other’ happiness pills

What are the other ‘happiness pills,’ and are they really a good substitute? Let’s have a look!

Substitutes for exercise

  • Working
  • Eating
  • Watching television
  • Fighting
  • Drinking

The outcomes are:

  • Stress
  • Putting on weight
  • Feeling useless
  • Feeling sad
  • Having no energy

Five thoughts that help!

To stay committed and not give up on exercise, you need an incentive that you have on your mind. That can be anything you really enjoy and gives you energy when you think about it.

I feel so good after my 30-minutes exercise session and have no guilty feelings.

I can eat much more after my 40-minutes exercise session, and eating feels much more guilt-free.

after my exercise session, i feel so positive and have no energy for negative thoughts.

after my exercise session, I feel better, and I am much more productive.

The daily workout gives me a sense of purpose in life, and I have the energy to do many other things.

It is all in the mind

What keeps you going is the ‘what do I get out of this formula. And it is much more than these five thinking techniques above. But that is what helps us in our everyday life schedule.

Go for it!