Essential base chakra workout example

Essential base chakra workout example

What is a chakra workout exactly?

There are many different ways to do a chakra workout. If you type these questions into Google, you get many hits on yoga and meditation techniques. As a fitness trainer, I like to move, run, and do strength training as well as yoga and meditation. With this combination, I found astonishing results, and that lead to changes in my whole personality and other areas of my life.

A different approach

I like to take you through my approach to a chakra workout which is slightly different. For more than 10 years I am doing my chakra routine and I figured out, that chakras get activated through the mind, emotions, and body. That means through the awareness of the mind, feeling of certain feelings, and moving of specific body parts. If you know where the power points (chakras) are located and which point refers to which kind of beliefs, habits, and/or actions, you can change them.

For the following example, I am using base chakra activation with cardio training, They go very well together because cardio training is about moving, staying fit, and being active and the base chakra is about our ability to use energy in a sustainable and practical way.


Belief: I am a lazy person!

Feeling: Low energy

Chakra: To change this belief you have to target the base chakra.

Action: The best way to target the base chakra in this case, is to do cardio training.

Essential base chakra workout example

The goal is to feel:

I am active as hell!

What activity can you do?

On this list, you’ll find a variety of cardio activities. The best options are running, step, and circuit.

Essential base chakra workout example

Do your workout 3 times a week. It helps enormously when you work out with a positive mindset and the willingness to change.

In about 3 months’ time, you will feel results in your increased fitness, electrifying energy, and your sparkling state of mind.

Essential base chakra workout example

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