Base chakra lunges & leg lift

Base chakra lunges & leg lift

Basic exercises for strengthening
the legs

Exercises: Lunges and Leg lifts
Training type: Strength Training
Element: Earth
Chakra: Base Chakra Activation
Subtle body: Physical Body


Lunges and Leg lifts are two exercises that require no special skills. The speed is slow, and the postures are easy to understand. Lunges require more strength and good technique than leg lifts, but they are not difficult to do if you follow the instructions below.

Outcome physical

Through both of these exercises, you are training especially your thighs and bottom muscles. If you do them regularly, you can increase your overall strength for the lower body and feel the outcome in your daily routines, like getting up from the bed or getting out of the car. Your legs and bottom will also look toned and firm.

Outcome spiritual

These two exercises strengthen the energy field of the physical body. That means not just the muscles get stronger, also your feeling of groundedness and the feeling of connectedness to the ‘real world’ increases. These are also great exercises for training your practical skills, like organizing your home or writing a to-do list.

Best ways to do

In a Beginner Circuit: Alternate 10 reps of Lunges and Leg lift 2 times. Gradually work up to longer sessions.

In a Strength Circuit: Alternate 10 reps of these activities with other strength exercises such as Squats, Narrow squats, Dog squats, and Leg liftback.

In a Cardio/Strength Circuit: Alternate 10 reps of these two exercises with cardio exercises, such as Jogging, Marching, Leg curl, and Step touch. 

Base chakra exercises - lunges & leg lift


1. Lunges

With one leg in front and the other leg 2 feet back, start lowering one knee down until nearly touching the ground, then come back up. Move your arms with the movement or rest them on your hips. You can also use weights with this exercise. Breathe slowly and steadily.


  • Straight back
  • Strong core
  • Weight on the heels
  • Knee off the ground
Base chakra exercises - lunges & leg lift

2. Leg lift

With your legs hipwide apart and slightly bent, lift your legs alternately to the side. Your hands are resting on your hips. Feel your outer thighs working. Breathe slowly and steadily.


  • Straight shoulders
  • Take your leg sideways up
  • Bend your legs slightly

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