Activator – cardio

Activator – cardio

Revitalize your fire energy

The first part of the Intune program is the Activator. It is a holistic cardio training sequence and incorporates 24 exercises and movements. It is fast pasted, energetic, and fun. The Intune program works on the physical and spiritual levels.

On the physical level, you are working on your fitness and stamina. Through cardio training, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems work hard and ensure that every cell of the body is supported with oxygen. The blood can transport and supply all needed nutrients easily throughout the body.

Cardio training is also related to the element of fire, which means cardio training is resonating with one of the fundamental building blocks of life. The element of fire stands for activity, vitality, and vibrance.

The activation of the energy field

Energetic movements will charge up your aura and activate preferred the four lower chakras. Cardio training also fuels the energetic body with energy which is the second subtle body of the aura and surrounds and penetrates the physical body. You can imagine the energetic body like a battery. When you move, and you’re active, the subtle body fills with subtle energy.

Energy is life, and the impact cardio training has on health and well-being is immense and you feel active, powerful, and full of life.

holistic cardio training
holistic cardio training

The four lower chakras

Each of the 24 exercises activates a specific chakra of the first four lower chakras; Base, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra. The four lower chakras are connected to our instincts and feelings about ourselves. You can access each of them to provide you with their positive qualities.

The movements of each exercise support the energy flow in the specific location of each chakra.

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

There are six exercises for each of the four chakras. You can do the full cardio sequence or choose the activities for a preferred chakra and outcome.

The base chakra

If you work on the base chakra, you will promote your powerful appearance and drive to be active.

The sacral chakra

If you promote the sacral chakra, you will feel vital, dynamic, and healthy. This area’s energy flow is significant because our sex organs are situated here and need a constant flow of fresh energy supply.

The solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus is the chakra of success. Cardio training goes hand in hand with this chakra. If you concentrate on a workout for the solar plexus, it will enhance your feeling of assertiveness and power.

The heart chakra

The heart chakra is of higher frequency and promotes the feeling of generosity and confidence. Here the energy flow will bring you to more awareness of your own beauty.

holistic cardio training

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