Harmonizer – relaxation

Harmonizer – relaxation

Balance your water energy

The fourth and last part of the intune training program is related to the water element, nurtures the soul, and is holistic relaxation training. Through soft Qi Gong movements and meditation exercises, the whole body relaxes and calms down. The Harmonizer consists of 24 activities and movements, and all target a different area to relax and harmonize.

The activation of the energy field

The subtle body of the water element is the emotional body. The emotional body is part of our aura, and here our feelings are generated. Our emotions can be a roller coaster depending on what we think. That’s why it’s important to do relaxation techniques, to balance ourselves and let our minds and emotions rest.

holistic relaxation training

The four upper chakras

The chakras are fueling our physical and subtle bodies with energy. They are our consciousness, and the way we exercise and fuel our aura is how we will feel. For example, if you do sufficient holistic relaxation training, you’re harmonizing your body, mind, and emotions, and you will feel peaceful and more connected to your inner self.

The chakras will transform the incoming energy into the outcome of your needs and desire.

Each of the 24 exercises activates a specific chakra. These are the four upper chakras, and they are programmed to provide you with particular attributes and qualities.

The movements of each exercise support the energy flow in the specific location of the four chakras.

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

There are six exercises for each of the four chakras. You can do the full sequence or choose the activities you like to do according to preferred outcomes.

The heart chakra

If you work on the heart chakra, you will feel loving and compassionate. You can actually feel these emotions strongly when you focus on your chest area in a meditative state.

The throat chakra

The qualities of the throat chakra are patients and deep relaxation. Try to focus in your relaxation phase on your neck area, and you can sense a feeling of letting go immediately.

The third eye chakra

The third eye will awaken your intuition. When you quiet your mind and focus on the center of your forehead, a feeling of being deep within yourself will arise.

The crown chakra

The crown chakra is the doorway to heaven and our spiritual source. In a mediative state, we can connect to other realms, and we can experience a peaceful feeling.

holistic relaxation training