Mobilizer – flexibility

Mobilizer – flexibility

Liberate your air energy

The third part of the Intune exercises program is a holistic flexibility training session related to the element air. This training improves the communication of the nerves and the mobility of the body.  Through lengthening and stretching of the tendons, muscles, and connective tissue, the nervous system’s channels get space, and the information can freely flow to all parts of the body. The Mobilizer consists of 24 activities and movements, and all target a different area to improve the mobility of the body.

The activation of the energy field

The subtle body of the air element is the mental body. The mental body is part of our aura, and here we create our thoughts. Our emotions react to our thoughts; they are the first input that our system receives. If we have a clear mind, we feel better, and our body feels more relaxed. Through movements that stimulate the mental body and vis a vis, we can avoid much discomfort.

holistic flexibility training
holistic flexibility training

The four upper chakras

The chakras are fueling our physical and subtle bodies with energy. They are our consciousness, and the way we exercise and fuel our aura is how we will feel. For example, if you do sufficient flexibility training, you’re not just mobilizing your body but also your mind. You will feel more aware of what’s going on within yourself and which thoughts to avoid.

The chakras will transform the incoming energy into the outcome of your needs and desire.

Each of the 24 exercises activates a specific chakra. These are the four upper chakras, and they are programmed to provide you with particular attributes and qualities.

The movements of each exercise support the energy flow in the specific location of the four chakras.

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

There are six exercises for each of the four chakras. You can do the full sequence or choose the activities you like to do according to your preferred outcome.

The heart chakra

If you activate the heart chakra with specific movements, you can work on tolerance and genuity if you put your mind to it. The heart chakra is always in a relationship with us and others.

The throat chakra

The throat chakra’s qualities are to be inspired or be inspiring to others. Secondly the communication with yourself and others. If the inner voice of ongoing senseless commentary needs improvement, you will feel it.

The third eye chakra

This chakra is very well known and indeed influential. Here you can let go of the thoughts that hold you back and make you feel bad. If there is an urge to feel independent and change your life circumstances, start right here.

The crown chakra

The crown chakra is spiritual awareness and can give you a sense of detachment from worldly life. If you put work into this chakra, a sense of ‘no worries’ and spiritual fulfillment will be yours.

holistic flexibility training
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