Stabilizer – strength

Stabilizer – strength

Strengthen your earth energy

The second part of the Intune program is the Stabilizer. It is a strength training sequence consisting of 24 exercises and movements. This part strengthens and grounds your physical body. The physical body is the first of our energetic system’s four subtle bodies and visible to us. Holistic strength training is one of the best training types you can do to keep your body toned, healthy, and strong.

The activation of the energy field

The physical body is our form, and we can see and touch it, but it is also energy. Our body’s energy resonates with the element earth, which is the densest energy type of all four elements. The resonating training type is strength training, which works on the muscles and skeleton. It gives the body force and works energetically on our connectedness to reality and our practical skills.

holistic strength training
holistic strength training

The four lower chakras

The chakras are fueling our physical and subtle bodies with energy. They are our consciousness, and the way you exercise and fuel your aura is how you will feel. For example, if you do strength training and strengthens your body, you will feel grounded, strong, and constructive. The chakras will transform the incoming energy into the outcome of your needs and desire.

Each of the 24 exercises activates a specific chakra. These are the first lower chakras, and they are programmed to provide you with particular attributes and qualities.

The movements of each exercise support the energy flow in the specific location of the four chakras.

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

There are six exercises for each of the four chakras. You can do the full sequence or choose the activities you like to do according to preferred outcomes.

The base chakra

If you work on the base chakra, you will feel strong and grounded. A very significant outcome is also stability.

The sacral chakra

If you promote the sacral chakra, you will feel secure, centered, and beautiful. As a woman, you can immensely support your feelings of equality and assurance.

The solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus is the chakra of effectivity. If you concentrate on a workout for the solar plexus, it will enhance your productivity and constructivity.

The heart chakra

The heart chakra is of higher frequency and promotes the feeling of trust and responsibility. Here the energy flow will bring awareness to be responsible and to trust ourselves.

holistic strength training

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