Does positive thinking really work?

Does positive thinking  really work?

Does positive thinking help?

For more than 20 years, I am deeply involved with spiritual topics, like astrology, tarot cards, and meditation. Also, universal laws and positive thinking fascinate me. These themes are part of my life, and when I read a good book or article about one of these topics, I get calm and feel that everything is okay. Until daily life hits me again, and some ideas, beliefs, and philosophies get replaced by doubts and confusion.

Does positive thinking  really work?

Besides many other topics, I am keen on, and trying hard to implement is positive thinking. When I first read about it and saw the big picture, where everything is energy and connected, and we can attract through our thoughts what we want, I felt so relieved. Finally, I found a tool to get what I want. I just had to think very, very optimistic about what I want, and it would come very fast into my life.

You can attract the opposite!

My biggest dream was to be successful in my work. So I read affirmations, did healing sessions and meditation to claim my success. But the success didn’t come, and instead of that, chronic fatigue syndrome took over. My body, mind, and soul were not in-tune. I gave my best to the universe and got what I needed: A physical and mental destabilization.

What I think about positive thinking is that it works in three different layers or frequencies.

Three layers of positive thinking

Imagine the layers as rings in a pond when you throw a stone in the water.

  • It works in small personal matters, like searching for a parking spot or finding the right pair of jeans you are looking for.

  • When other people’s energy is involved, it gets more complicated, and it just works when you let go of the desired outcome, and the other people’s frequency is aligned with your desire.

  • Then there are the big dreams we all have, like getting rich, finding true love, or having success. In these cases, positive thinking doesn’t work. It will not attract what you are looking for, and you will run after these dreams and feel like a loser because it is just not happening. Here are more powerful energies at play. For example, Karma, unconscious beliefs that block you, and life lessons you have to learn in a different area.

Letting go is what I am working on every day. And letting go of dreams is more work than chasing them. Maybe the solution is to keep on dreaming but letting go of the outcome.