Aura & chakras explained

Aura & chakras explained

The layers of the auric field and their functions

Have you ever been told, “You look radiant!” or that you’re “beaming with happiness” and wondered how people could tell that you were in such a good mood? It’s because every living thing has energy, vibrations of life, that can be sensed. And the energy you exude is your aura. Going deeper, there are layers of your aura, which are called subtle bodies and they can be visualized as seven bands of light surrounding the physical body, known as the auric field. Each layer extends from the layer closest to the body and vibrates on a slightly increasing frequency. Each has a special function. The first four identify who we are as human beings. The outer layers connect us to other planes and creative processes at higher frequencies.

But here’s the most important thing – your physical body doesn’t create your aura, but rather your aura creates the physical body. So tapping into your aura and finding ways to change it can have huge implications.

Aura & Chakras explained

The location of the seven main chakras and their function

You can’t talk about changing your aura without talking about your chakras, which are the energy points of our consciousness. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and there are seven main chakras, and many minor chakras, that works through vibrations and can be imagined as vortexes of light. They are the transformers of the universal energy, distributing a life force through each layer of your aura and physical body. Each chakra has a different function (consciousness), which you experience as your physical and emotional self. You can imagine them as the manager of your whole energy system. The aura and chakras are in direct contact with the source of life, which sustains everything there is.

Aura & chakras explained

The distribution of the life force

From the chakras, the life force flows into the body through energy channels called “nadis” in Sanskrit and “meridians” in Chinese medicine. These channels are everywhere in our body and they supply each and every cell with the universal energy. If the flow is clear, with no blockages, the energy is secured and good health is on the way. That’s why energy flow is so important because every physical system builds upon it and needs the energy to sustain its self.

Aura & chakras explained
Aura & chakras explained

The chakras are the key

The chakras are the key to a functioning system, that is, a healthy body, mind, and soul. They are the entry points of the life force connected to us – they are our consciousness. We are them and they are us, you just can’t see them. But believe me, they are there and the subtle energy system exists. Once you take this into consideration and work with it, everything changes.

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