Best exercises to tone loose underarms

Best exercises to tone loose underarms

It starts with around 40 years

One day you realize that your underarms are sagging. Where once was tight skin is suddenly a hanging, wobbly muscle. It is not really a slow process, rather a surprising fast development. And you asked yourself what can you do to tone loose underarms.

I was around 40, a personal trainer and I thought I should know the right exercises. My wobbly underarms were not just an eyesore, I was also a role model for the right exercises for my students.

Many women asked me what they could do, and I gave them the advice of the strength exercises I did for myself. I already did most of the common strength exercises for biceps and triceps, but with little success for the underarms. What these exercises really do, they tone shoulders, and the upper arms. They are good exercises but they have their limitations. I will give you some exercise examples later on this blog.

Then the answer came my way

Ten years later, after my 6 weeks yoga instructor course, I recognized a big difference in the structure of my arms and shoulders. I have always admired the beautiful shoulders of women who did a lot of yoga, but it was never really my cup of tea. But finally, I had my answer: Sun salutation.

Sun salutation is the most effective upper-body toner I have experienced. It is a flow of movements and one of the most famous yoga exercises. It is often performed at the beginning of a session and it consists of 12 postures which are done in a flowing sequence. Especially four exercises of the sun salutation sequence target the underarms specifically.

Best exercises to tone loose underarms

Every exercise needs time to show results. But if you already exercise, the sun salutation will need around 6 weeks to give you the wished outcome of tight underarms and much more benefits.

Other good exercises for shoulders, biceps, and triceps

  • Push-ups
  • Triceps kickbacks (with weights)
  • Bridge dips
  • Standing push-ups

These four exercises are very effective for arms and shoulder training. I like to do as many exercises as I can with my own body weight, to be independent of exercise tools. But sometimes using weights can be handy for targeting specific body parts.

Best exercises to tone loose underarms

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