Two ultimate alternatives to yoga

Two ultimate alternatives to yoga

Holistic fitness vs. yoga

Are there any alternatives to yoga? Yoga stands for a body, mind, and soul approach and incorporates the spiritual aspect that many people are looking for. For 15+ years, yoga has become a big movement worldwide and is suitable for all age groups and genders. It is an ancient practice without a religious background. A yoga practice believes in the body’s subtle energy system and the activation of specific points through different poses and sequences.

Because of the traditional aspect and the health benefits, yoga is a widely respected and truly beneficial exercise regime that takes care of many aspects of a person’s body, mind, and spiritual identity.

Active spiritual awareness is the key to any exercise regime

But if you are familiar with the subtle energy system, any activity impacts your body, mind, and soul. Exercise works extremely well to activate your subtle energy bodies and points called your chakras. Not just yoga activates and balances the chakra, any other fitness regime as well. The key to an active spiritual approach and results is your awareness of what you’re doing.

Other powerful exercise regimes have a big impact on your subtle energy system. You can literally transform yourself through the impact these exercises have on your chakras.

If you are looking for fitness regimes where you can let go of your mind and revitalize your energy and stabilize your body, there two other options.

Two powerful exercise regimes to transform yourself

Cardio training

One of the most potent exercise regimes is cardio training. It has such an impact on your four lower chakras and your energetic body, which surrounds you and fills you with life, that you feel instantly fantastic and full of energy.

Imagine you want to be active, powerful, and energetic. Then you have to do the kind of activities which give you the right results. The four lower chakras are responsible for your instinctive behavior, the sort of qualities you need to survive in life and put through.

Possible outcomes:

  • happy
  • active
  • vital
  • assertive
  • powerful
  • generous
The ultimate alternatives to yoga

Strength training

Strength training is fantastic to ground yourself and to feel strong and capable. Also, yoga has many bodyweight postures, and they are suitable for strengthening the body. Classic bodyweight training, though, works more on your instincts, putting off your mind and working out your physical level. This training profoundly impacts the lower chakras, which will stabilize you in a worldly sense.

Possible outcomes:

  • strong
  • grounded
  • secure
  • effective
  • responsible
  • in reality
The ultimate alternatives to yoga

Steps to be in-tune with body, mind, and spirit

Keep in mind that you always train on the physical and spiritual level. If you’re aware of the process you are doing and follow these steps; you can achieve outstanding results. Try these six steps to find alternatives to yoga that give you a spiritual vibe.

  • Ask yourself what you want to achieve on the physical and spiritual level
  • Choose the right training type
  • Feel the energy of the chosen training type
  • Be aware that you work your energetic and physical bodies
  • Train over a minimum of three months constantly
  • Evaluate the results after three month
Two ultimate alternatives to yoga
Two ultimate alternatives to yoga