My Life – My Moments

My Life – My Moments

By Sonia Rastogi – Yoga changed my life

I was a super career woman

The 6 o’clock alarm. The hurried breakfast. My favorite playlist in the car ride to work. Meetings, Reviews, Deadlines and then some more. A quick lunch, sometimes a laid-back coffee break. Another day goes by, then a week and a year. Despair, euphoria, despair again. Impatience, bouts of anger, helplessness at times. Appraisals, promotions, a pat on the back for excelling at work, a super raise. Life was a mixed bag, money was good and I was a super career-woman. Could life get better? Then Yoga changed my life.

Through yoga, everything changed

A chance Yoga session at work changed all this for me – It made my life just not better but it helped me find the true “me”. At the most basic level, Yoga made me aware of myself.  With each Yoga session, I felt a sense of empowerment. Gone were feelings of despair. Impatience gradually gave way to calmness. Every breath that I took was euphoric. Life took a different meaning. I had suddenly stopped respiring but had started breathing free.
I became more appreciative of things around me. Yoga was helping me discover the true self – both physically as well as mentally.

The beautiful life that I led as a strong-willed corporate career-woman was accentuated with the fresh dose of Yoga. It was like the icing on the cake. 

Yoga has blessed me

Most people associate Yoga with its physical aspect. However, my experience went beyond the physical bit and introduced me to the more spiritual/mental side of Yoga. It helped me immensely in my professional life. My concentration levels increased. My problem-solving abilities matured. Interaction with colleagues at work acquired a more patient and evolved form. I no longer had to sacrifice my peace of mind to live a life rich with accomplishment and contribution. The net result is that I was leading a far more healthy life – both physically and mentally. Yoga helped me attain a healthy body as well as a healthy mind that was calm, uncluttered and at peace. As a natural corollary, I became more efficient with respect to my work as well as my personal life. Yoga changed my life.

Yoga has blessed me with a way of life that I can call:

healthy in mind, body, and soul

calm and uncluttered

far more productive

brimming with positivity

sense of well being 

Finally, I found what I was looking for

One fine morning (let me call it the finest morning), after my regular Yoga session, I quit my 6 o’clock alarm clock life. I became free. I became the architect of my future. A one-month intense Yoga course followed. Today, I am a successful Yoga practitioner and I would like to introduce all and sundry to the wonderful world of Yoga. When we work to improve the lives of others, we elevate our own life in the process.

With the very basics of Yoga, I am reasonably certain that one can improve their professional as well as the personal living.

I reclaimed my life, I found what I was looking for; I discovered myself and learned that the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Love & Light

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