8 exercises to activate the sacral chakra

8 exercises to activate the sacral chakra

Uplift your self-esteem

The sacral chakra is the energy of sexuality and vitality. If we meet a person who has a healthy body awareness, we feel this energy immediately. For our confidence and security within our bodies, the sacral chakra is the driving force. This subtle energy point is situated just under your navel, in the pelvis area between your hips. The color of the sacral chakra is a vibrant orange. Through specific exercises, you can keep this area vital, and the circulation of the blood flow steady. Every woman or man who focuses on their sacral chakra’s health has an aura of security and outstanding sexuality.

How to tune into the sacral chakra

There are many ways to tune into this energy point. First of all, acknowledge the fact that this energy point is full of life and awareness. You can benefit from this energy immensely if you follow a few steps and rules:

  • visualize it
  • recognize it
  • feel it
  • work with it
  • communicate with it
  • activate it
  • love it

Start to visualize an orange subtle ball in your pelvis area. Think that it is an entry point where energy flows into your body and the energy field around you. Make sure you acknowledge and feel this entry point. When the connection is established, you can concentrate on your workout.

Sacral chakra exercises - knee lift & front kick

8 exercises which activate your sacral chakra

Many cardio and strength exercises are naturally designed to activate the sacral chakra. All cardio exercises, which are based on hip movements and rotations, are good starting points. Also, leg lifts in any direction will activate the pelvis. Straight forward exercises to activate the sacral chakra in strength training are lower abdomen and core routines.

Knee lift to elbow & hip rotation

8 exercises to activate the sacral chakra

Front kick & Side leg lift

8 exercises to activate the sacral chakra

Bottom toner & Cross crunch

8 exercises to activate the sacral chakra

Core twist & Knee to core pull

8 exercises to activate the sacral chakra

Not seeing is also believing

Our beliefs create our reality. The matrix of the world is invisible to us, and energy is the driving force. Shape your own energetic self through your beliefs and physical reality. The sacral chakra will help you feel good about yourself, beautiful, and connected to your body and sexuality.


  • sexual vital
  • feeling good in your body
  • balanced
  • secure
  • inner drive

Shape your body awareness with the help of the right exercises.

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