8 exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra

8 exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra

The energy of success

How to be successful is one of the questions we all ask ourselves at one stage in our lives. What do we have to do? What are the steps to move forward? Is it an internal process, or does success comes from the external world to us? Where does the energy of success come from? Some people reach their goals and for others, it seems impossible to reach their desires and dreams. But we can work on our beliefs to attract our real goals and desires.

The solar plexus chakra

Success is just one of many other qualities related to the solar plexus. Also, determination, assertiveness, and effectivity are essential personal qualities that bring us forward in life and are strongly connected to the solar plexus’s energy.

The location of the solar plexus chakra is in the center of our upper stomach. The resonating color is a bright yellow. The activation and transformation of this particular chakra can be life-changing. If it’s functioning well, your life flows more straightforward, and you’re satisfied with your accomplishments.

The outcomes of an unhealthy and neglected solar plexus chakra are instability, low self-esteem, feeling to be a loser, obesity, and laziness.

There are some ways to tune into this energy point. First of all, acknowledge the fact that this energy point is your consciousness and your belief system. You can benefit from this energy immensely if you follow a few steps and rules:

  • visualize it
  • recognize it
  • communicate with it
  • feel the power
  • tune into it
  • work with it
  • activate it

Start to visualize a bright yellow subtle ball on the center of your upper stomach. Think that it is an entry point where energy flows into your body and the energy field around you. Establish a connection to this point and concentrate on your workout.

8 exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra

Exercises that will activate your solar plexus

The most powerful exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra are cardio and strength workouts. Start with cardio, like sprinting, kickboxing, or skipping (to give you some ideas). Then continue with strength exercises like core and back strengthening.

Step back & Arms press 

8 exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra

Boxing & scissor jumps

8 exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra

Sit ups & Waist toner

8 exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra

Alternate leg lift  & Legs pull up 

8 exercises to activate the solar plexus chakra

For personal reasons

The work with the solar plexus chakra is personal. It is about the relationship between you and how you want to move forward in life. Powerful people radiate this intense energy, and it is nearly impossible to escape from this radiance.


  • powerful charisma
  • assertive acting
  • open to success
  • leadership abilities
  • capable of making decisions

Strong physical activity is the best you can do to promote the solar plexus chakra.

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