Meat, no thanks!

Meat, no thanks!


This is a hot topic, and it can get very emotional when people discuss their food choices. More and more people, though, turn away from meat, but still, people make different choices, which is fine with me. I have been a meat-eater for almost 39 years and made experiences over the last 15 years with different diets. There is no right or wrong, just choices each person makes for himself. I am not a militant, but I do say meat no thanks and observe energy differences and changes in people depending on their food choices.

Right or wrong?

Basically, I am a vegetarian, but I do eat fish. Some people might say that this is a pescetarian and not a vegetarian. But I feel like a veg because pescetarian sounds like I eat just fish and it is actually the opposite. Anyway, my expert field is not nutrition, but I do know how important it is.

My passion is energy flow in connection with exercise and how to use it for the best outcome. This includes positive thinking habits, a healthy feeling within the body, and an emotionally balanced self. When I ate meat, I was far away from any of these positive outcomes. I had on, and off depression, my digestion was bad, my skin tone dull, my thinking habits more on the negative side, and my life felt like a roller coaster.

Radiant and healthy

To be in good spirits, sport is definitely a road to happiness. But without a nutritious and meat-free diet, exercise is half as effective. A meat-free diet changes people and their energy field. They radiate, look healthy, clear and feel much more centered in themselves. To eat meat means a creature had to suffer before it gets on the table. The energy of fear and suffering is still stored in the flesh and you take it into your body and spirit when you eat it. Sensitive people feel this very much but often can’t make the connection to their eating habits.

Meat free diet

Enough is enough

When I’d started to meditate and got more and more into spirituality, my body was reacting very sensitive to meat. At first, I didn’t see the connection, until one morning after eating a steak the night before, my eyes were chasing around like a hunted dear and I had extreme anxiety and fear. It was not the first time I felt so low and full of sadness after eating meat. Then I made the decision to stop eating meat which was overdue anyway. It was the best decision I ever have made in my life. Meat, no thanks.

Benefits of a meat free diet

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