The power of strength training

The power of strength training

Strengthen your earth energy

Strength training is one of the most important facets of being fit and healthy. Not only will increased strength help in your day-to-day life, but it will also increase your workout capacity as you’ll be able to work harder and longer as you build strength. It also helps reduce chronic pain.

For example, you can reduce back pain by building up the right muscles in the right places. You can also prevent or at least control osteoporosis and bone loss, never mind keep your muscles lean as you age. It also increases the strength of the connective tissue and tendons, which leads to improved motor performance while lowering the risk of getting injured.

The power of strength training is so vast it also affects the aging process as improved muscle mass makes the skin tighter, the body more toned, and the blood flows more easily through the muscles, securing the delivery of vital nutrients throughout the body.

So many benefits…

Benefits of strength training

Welcome to reality

When you build strength, you are working with earth energy, which will make you feel grounded and connected to reality. Daily tasks are done more efficiently and with a sense of responsibility. You will feel more secure from within, more centered. While you’re working out, you are conditioning yourself with these positive qualities. After some time, they become your reality. The rewards for building your strength are huge.

Tke power of strength training

What do you love to do?

Strength exercises and classes

Chakra activation

You can keep your chakras spinning and healthy with strengthening and grounding exercises. With these exercises, you are conditioning the positive qualities of your energetic system’s first four lower chakras. So tap into the power of strength training now!

The four lower chakras and their qualities

The results are magic and powerful. Through the power of strength training, 
I look and feel how I wish to do. Watch this video for inspiration.

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